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Paper RouteYou Kill Me
My heart’s the same as yours
I love you the same

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"All this fire in my veins, from a heart that’s trapped in my rib cage."

Paper Route (via theworldgetsloud)

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- Dance On Our Graves; Paper Route.

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"You, you and I: we lie awake at night."
- Paper Route


"You, you and I: we lie awake at night."

- Paper Route

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the mere mention of paper route will turn me into the embodiment of the heart eyes emoji

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Paper Route — “Are We All Forgotten” Live @ SerialBox Presents

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Paper Route - Second Chances - YouTube


Love this song ❥

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There’s a ghost in the mirror

I’m afraid more than ever

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Can you place yourself in a moment’s notice, in my situation?
Increasingly you’ve made me cold and afraid, a lonely companion.
Apparently love runs on one way courses,
away from contentment.
Or maybe there’s anger that can’t be expressed, that fuels your resentment.

If you gave me a chance to show you,
would I come back and show you?
If you gave me a chance to love you,
could I come back and love you?
I gave you everything, but I couldn’t give enough.
Then you threw stones at me
and said that they were thrown in love.

Turns out that I don’t really love you at all,
‘cause love would find forgiveness.


Paper Route- Second Chances (via internallysilenced)

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Paper Route | In The Morning

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